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How Coherence Works

How Coherence Works

The resting heart rhythm was once believed to be like a living metronome, beating at a regular and steady pace. With up-to-date equipment and data collections, we know this is not an accurate picture.  The rhythms of healthy hearts at rest are surprisingly irregular, with the intervals between heartbeats ever changing. This naturally occurring variation in rate is called heart rate variability or HRV.  

Our lives are full of stress and when the heart’s patterns become erratic,  corresponding neural signals to the brain inhibit higher cognitive function (eg memory, perception, attention, and problem-solving). Our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make decisions is severely compromised during stressful situations.  Negative emotions also create a disordered heart rhythm and have a direct adverse effect on the brain, and reinforce the experience of stress.

Heart Coherence techniques generate a regular heart rhythm.  This in turn, creates a synchronization in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), increasing its efficiency and establishing harmony. This is exactly why good emotions feel… good – they  help our body’s systems work more efficiently.  Heart coherence teaches you how to incorporate positive emotional states regularly.  The benefits include deeper perceptual changes, emotional resilience, access to intuition,  heightened creativity, improved cognition, enhanced  performance, and hormone balance.

It’s hard to believe, I know.  But it’s true and you’ve experienced it in your life already…  remember when you were first in love?  You were focused on being with that person; you couldn’t get rid of that happy, mouse-eating grin; you spent hours getting ready or you spent hours planning to get ready; you felt really alive every moment you were with that person.  That is coherence…



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