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Take A Moment…

Take A Moment…

Take a breath in.

Notice the breath enter your chest.

If it helps you focus, raise your hand and gently place it there.

Now breathe out.

Feel your ribs lower slightly as you notice the breath leaving.

Pay close attention to the desire to breathe in again.

Take another breath in, a bit slower than usual.

Feel your ribs raise slightly as the air rushes into your lungs.

Imagine you have the ability to inhale without limit.

Maintain the focus of your attention in the area of your chest.

And just when you find there is no more to receive, breathe out.

Keep your mind on the air as it flows out of your nostrils.

Follow the breath with your mind as you breathe in again.

And out again.

Continue, breathing in and breathing out,

Focusing on the area of your heart.

What do you notice, if anything?

What may be different?

What stayed the same?



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