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What is Coherence?

What is Coherence?


Utilizing the gift of your heart to balance thoughts and choose emotions, coherence is harmony between the heart and brain. It is a resonance between your thoughts and feelings. To experience this synchronization is to live in a state of unity rather than division. The benefits, while many,  include increased energy, mental clarity, inner ease, and improved brain function – giving you ready access to your own innate intelligence.

What is ‘innate intelligence?  It is a knowing.  It is the inborn ability that allows the body to heal and is continuously working to keep us balanced, both internally and externally.  This is something we all have from the moment of our birth until the moment of our dying.

While the heart is known as the body’s pumping station, it also has 40,000 neurons, much like the ones in our brain.  In actuality, the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.  And, the heart messages  have a significant effect on the brain’s functions – it influences emotional processes and  other higher cognitive faculties (eg memory, perception, attention, and problem-solving). The brain is constantly and continuously responding to the heart.  

But for most of us, our brain and its frenetic thinking are the main controllers of how we feel and how we act (or react)… Imagine having a choice in what you think and how you feel?  Imagine facing every situation with an inner calm and deeper understanding, your own personal guidance system.  

With Heart Coherence life coaching, you can take stress management  far beyond the level of ‘needing a vacation’… 




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