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Author: Dawn

Take A Moment…

Take a breath in. Notice the breath enter your chest. If it helps you focus, raise your hand and gently place it there. Now breathe out. Feel your ribs lower slightly as you notice the breath leaving. Pay close attention to the desire to breathe in again. Take another breath in, a bit slower than…
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How Coherence Works

The resting heart rhythm was once believed to be like a living metronome, beating at a regular and steady pace. With up-to-date equipment and data collections, we know this is not an accurate picture.  The rhythms of healthy hearts at rest are surprisingly irregular, with the intervals between heartbeats ever changing. This naturally occurring variation…
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What is Coherence?

Utilizing the gift of your heart to balance thoughts and choose emotions, coherence is harmony between the heart and brain. It is a resonance between your thoughts and feelings. To experience this synchronization is to live in a state of unity rather than division. The benefits, while many,  include increased energy, mental clarity, inner ease,…
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About Dawn Spiegelberg LMT LAMT CPT-OS

I resolve chronic and acute pain due to injury, repetitive stress, aging, and excessive body weight using massage and exercise therapy. I have experienced both chronic and acute pain for all of the above reasons. I know how difficult, how exhausting, and how frustrating it is to live in constant pain. I’ve been relatively active…
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Dissonance Is A Trap

DI-STRESS Do you feel caught – locked  inside a bubble of never ending stress  overwhelmed by unpredictable feelings  that rise and fall, then rise again without notice? You can experience harmony, feel connected, and build personal resilience  when you learn the simple technique of Heart Coherence. HEART COHERENCE COACHING

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