Designed to help us navigate change and uncertainty through the daily practice of Heart Coherence.

Minisode 111 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 111 – Experience Coherence

We wrap up Season 9 and discuss where we’ve been, where we are at and what’s next

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Minisode 110 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 110 – Color Your World

Dawn shares how color can be a roadmap to the movement of the electron and a clue to its atomic structure.

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Minisode 109 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 109 – The Strong Force

Dawn shares how we struggle to harness and contain this energy within the fabric of our humanity.

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Minisode 108 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 108 – God’s Great Exhale

Dawn shares how the creation of the galaxy was just like taking a big breath of air.

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Minisode 107 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 107 – Infinite Possibilities

Dawn shares how our finite world was aroused from an infinite existence and explains the process of creation.

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Minisode 106 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 106 – Feel the Burn of God

Dawn shares about the theory of the Big Bang and the necessary temperatures to make it possible.

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Minisode 105 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 105 – The Heat of God

Dawn shares how much energy is required in order to bind nucleus particles and just how hot it had to be to make it happen.

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Minisode 104 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 104 – Celestial Bangs

Dawn shares the significance about stars creating the heavy elements of our world by colliding hydrogen and helium atoms.

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Minisode 103 | Live By Heart Today

Minisode 103 – Breathe & Eat Nitrogen

Dawn shares how nitrogen plays a vital role in the building blocks that make up our body.

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LIVING BY HEART IS balancing thoughts
and choosing emotions between heart and brain

Coherence is a resonance between your thoughts and feelings. To experience this synchronization is to live in a state of unity rather than division.

The benefits, while many, include increased energy, mental clarity, inner ease, and improved brain function – and gives you access to your own innate intelligence which allows the body to heal and keep us balanced.

How Coherence Works

The resting heart rhythm was once believed to be like a living metronome, beating at a regular and steady pace. With up-to-date equipment and data collections, we know this is not an accurate picture.

The rhythms of healthy hearts at rest are surprisingly irregular, with the intervals between heartbeats ever changing. This naturally occurring variation in rate is called heart rate variability or HRV.

Heart Coherence techniques generate a regular heart rhythm. This in turn, creates a synchronization in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), increasing its efficiency and establishing harmony. This is exactly why good emotions feel good – they help our body’s systems work more efficiently.

In contrast, our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make decisions is severely compromised during stressful situations. When our beliefs are out of sync with our physical body and/or our mental state, we experience stress which can hold us back from reaching our full potential. and experiencing joy in our life.

Heart Coherence teaches us how to incorporate positive emotional states regularly. The benefits include deeper perceptual changes, emotional resilience, access to intuition, heightened creativity, improved cognition, enhanced performance, and hormone balance.

Heart Coherence gives you access to your own innate intelligence which is the inborn ability that allows the body to heal itself as it is continuously working to keep us balanced.  This is something we all have from the moment of our birth until the moment of our passing.

The Magnifying Heart

The brain is continuously and constantly responding to the heart.

While the heart is known as the body’s pumping station, it also has 40,000 neurons, much like the ones in our brain.  

In actuality, the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.  And, the heart messages  have a significant effect on the brain’s functions – it influences emotional processes and other higher cognitive faculties; such as: memory, perception, attention, and problem-solving.



Dawn can alleviate stress points in your life and show you how to be
physically fit, mentally alert and stay true to your Self.