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What Is Coherence ?

Utilizing the gift of our heart to balance thoughts and choose emotions, coherence is harmony between the heart and brain. It is a resonance between our thoughts and feelings.

To experience this synchronization is to live in a state of unity rather than division. The benefits, while many, include: increased energy; mental clarity; inner ease; and improved brain function.

Being in Coherence gives us access to our own innate intelligence.

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Align Body’s Position with Posture

Endeavor to align yourself. Pain in the body, or the mind, is a distraction pulling you away from your true purpose. It is causing you to feel separate and severed from the wholeness that comes with good health and optimal wellness. Living in pain decreases your stress management capacity and adds to the cycle of tension. Heart Coherence Life Coaching calms the body and naturally results in dramatic resilience and profound peace.

Align Thoughts with Values

When asked, most of us have a list of noble values like honesty and integrity… take a moment to really think about this: How honest are we when we say we have a ‘bad’ knee? A knee is not inherently bad. Taking full responsibility for the cause of a symptom we’re experiencing is the first step in aligning our Thoughts with what we value… Your body is communicating specific messages – do you know what it’s saying to you? Coherence will allow you to hear your body’s voice.

Align Beliefs with Truth

Perhaps you’ve tried fixing your posture, but it goes back to slouching. Maybe you’ve tried affirmations, but your mind just hasn’t changed. Both your Body and your Thoughts are manifesting what you BELIEVE. Without holding fast to what is Truth, changes are merely temporary. Discover the Beliefs that have been holding your life hostage, and experience what it is to live in full HEART COHERENCE with a life coaching program designed to enhance your full expression and get you out of stress management and into a life you love living.

Practice Heart Coherence


It is the inborn ability that allows our body to heal and is continuously working to keep us balanced; both internally and externally. It is a knowing that we all have from the moment of our birth until the moment of our dying.

Imagine having a choice in what we think and feel. It is possible in every situation to tap into an inner calm and deeper understanding; our own personal guidance system.

With personal coaching by Wendy, she takes stress management far beyond the level of relief we seek to jusy get a good night’s sleep and allow healing energy to flow through us naturally recover ouroverall well-being.

Soul Tools & Transformation

You can change your life.
You can feel better.
You can have more energy,

Do what you believed impossible, lose extra pounds, and live completely pain free.



When we are given a choice and it doesn’t work out as we expected, what is the message we tell ourself?
It should just be information. If something doesn’t turn out it judt means the combination of actions attempted did not work in the way anticipated. It is neither good nor bad, it is just a result of what happened.


I resolve chronic and acute pain due to injury, repetitive stress, aging,
and excessive body weight using massage and exercise therapy.

I have experienced both chronic and acute pain for all of the above reasons.
I know how difficult, how exhausting, and how frustrating it is to live in constant pain.
I’ve been relatively active all my life so I find it kind of funny that I’ve experienced so many aches, pains, and injuries:

I’ve injured my acromian-clavicular joint (shoulder pain). I’ve dislocated lumbar spine and thrown out my sacro-iliac (back pain). I’ve had patellar femoral pain syndrome (knee pain). I’ve had sciatica (shooting tingling leg pain). I’ve broken bones, strained muscles, jammed joints, and had whiplash. I’ve even herniated discs. Just to name a few.

Most recently, I was in a car accident. It was a beautiful summer day in 2009. I was bumped from behind by a car that had been hit by a teenage driver. It just didn’t seem like a big deal until I had a loss of short term memory, as well as neck pain, back pain, and then got piriformis syndrome.

Interestingly, regular chiropractic and massage helped a whole lot but several symptoms still remained. While I experienced relief for a day or two after adjustments or massage, inevitably, the piriformis thing would flare up. A flare up was just that – I’d be walking to the kitchen and suddenly, excruciating pain would immobilize me and completely lock up my hip. I couldn’t take another step, I could barely take a breath, and I would have to stand completely still, mid-stride, until the pain subsided.

When the chiropractor decided that his treatments had gotten me as far as possible and closed my claim, I knew something had to change.

I was 21lbs overweight 2 years after the birth of my second son. That wasn’t helping. I had let my regular exercise fall to the wayside. That wasn’t helping.
I knew there were answers and I studied the physical structures of my body that were bothering me. I studied the physiology. I studied the anatomy.

A lightbulb went on in my head. It made perfect sense. I then saw every injury and every overfat experience I’d ever had. Each recovery was the same: I got a bit of help from people I trusted but in the end, I always healed myself.

When I looked at my clients over an 18 month period, know what I found? They got a bit of help from me, but they healed themselves.

I was so excited about this discovery that I completely changed my business model so you can experience the same benefit’s that healing yourself brings.
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