Show 58 – Take Up Your Cross

Show 58 – Take Up Your Cross

Show 58

Live By Heart Today Show #58 | Take Up Your Cross

Dawn and Wendy have a heart to heart about how to avoid martyrdom and align with the source of love and all possibilities.

Life is a constant process of growth and decay, when we take up our cross, we let go of our past and that which no longer serves us and we move to where we need to be in order to be fully self expressed.

There is a natural flow in life that we tap into which requires us to let go of what we know and embrace the change of the unknown which allows us to grow into new experiences.

This is a show designed to help navigate change and uncertainty by talking a little bit about science, a little bit about how our body works, a little bit about intuition and a whole lot about transformation.

Live By Heart Today is a weekly live stream hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Coherence Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Professional Transformation Facilitator.

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