Show 59 – In Search Of: Resurrection

Show 59 – In Search Of: Resurrection

Show 59

Live By Heart Today Show #59 | In Search Of: Resurrection

In our prior shows Dawn and Wendy discussed the process of dying and how death is the way to move forward by letting go of old ideas and behaviors and embracing fresh concepts that serve us better.

What occurs on the other side of death and letting go is where the magic happens. Because during this darkness of transformation, we don’t have to strive as the transformation happens; it happens to us regardless of strife.

Striving seems to be the normal human response to change, but we do have a choice to willingly accept the process and not resist that which prevents our growth which speeds up the time in which we emerge upon our next soul journey with more clarity and resolve.

This is a show designed to help navigate change and uncertainty by talking a little bit about science, a little bit about how our body works, a little bit about intuition and a whole lot about transformation.

Live By Heart Today is a weekly live stream hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Coherence Coach and Wendy R Wolf, a Professional Transformation Facilitator.

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