Show 83 – Language of the Heart

Show 83 – Language of the Heart

Show 83 | Live By Heart Today

Live By Heart Today 83 | Language of the Heart

Our Pilgrimage continues with our host, Dawn Spiegelberg and recurring guest, Dr. Walter Willies have a heart to heart about what it means to speak the Language of the Heart and how we develop from a pre-verbal infancy state to using Language to formulize us.

Dr. Willies points out how the Heart depends on spontaneous expression not our adult repertoire and that speaking out by sharing in a more Heart-felt manner is felt as an imperative when compared to Group Speak.

We share insights on: how writing Poetry can cut to the Heart and help us pay better attention to what is happening; words have a way of shaping our consciousness and we can reshape it by expanding our Language base; the unspoken communication between I and the Thou with a reference to Author, Martin Buber.

We also share about: musical expressions; marriage language and mimicry; moving beyond blame and triggers; putting responses aside and reading what is present; what is the body expressing; Galaxy of Hearts; shifting out of the Me perspective; noticing the commonalities rather than the differences; and more about the non-rational Language of the Heart.

Learn more about Dr. Willies at: Learn more about Dr. Willies: www.WatermanHomeopathy.com

Cosmic Heart is the third show show in our Season 7 series: Pilgrimage. Each show is a self-contained mini-discourse that progressively compounds over each season to support an overall topic of well-being.

Live By Heart Today is hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Medical Intuitive and Coherence Coach and produced by Retro Earth Studio.

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