Show 85 – Simplicity

Show 85 – Simplicity

Show 85 | Live By Heart Today

Live By Heart Today 85 | Simplicity

Dawn Spiegelberg and recurring guest, Dr. Walter Willies, a Professor that transitioned from English, Psychology and Religious Studies into Homeopathic medicine and practices.

Join us as we have a heart to heart about how our heart's strength is simplicity in a midst of complexity.

Dawn and Dr. Willies discuss: what matters most at the end of the day; how the Heart requires very little to operate; why attention is crucial because where attention goes, energy flows and love grows; bringing about an excitement for living; crossing the bridge between body and ego; taming the ego; communicating by nonverbal and/or para-verbal means.

Dr. Willies also shares how noticing the things that grab our attention and touches us can also teach us what to construct and fill our space with purpose.

This is the fifth show in our Season 7 series: Pilgrimage. Each show is a self-contained mini-course that progressively compounds over each season to support an overall topic of well-being.

Live By Heart Today is hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Medical Intuitive and Coherence Coach and produced by Retro Earth Studio.

Learn more about Dr. Willies at: Learn more about Dr. Willies: www.WatermanHomeopathy.com

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