Show 91 – Flowing

Show 91 – Flowing

Show 91 - Live By Heart Today

Live By Heart Today 91 | Flowing

Dawn has a heart to heart with Peter Lucas, a Fitness and Wellness Specialist, about going with the Flow and the benefits of it.

Peter shares his Flow concept of being a leaf in a river and riding the current versus attempting to go upstream. Experiencing peak Flow is like flowing through the rapids and being presented with a multitude of possible pathways which can lead to new opportunities when guided by the Heart but if we don't pay attention, we can get stuck in a whirlpool and miss out on new experiences.

Dawn shares how nature helps us connect to the Flow of life and inquires about the men's group Peter organized called, Building Brotherhood; he shares how it was Divine Timing to create a space for men to authentically connect with each other.

Peter explains when we connect to the heart, we can harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and unlock our full potential of expression; women can be assertively creative and men can be calmly assertive.

Join us as Dawn and Peter also have a heart about: the comparison between new and old rites of passage; the difference between Divine and Toxic Masculinity and how it relates to our maturity level; the difference between how men and women intermingle and progress; harmonizing our dualities; healing potential; the path of least resistance;; manifesting through shared intention.

We also chat about: the fire of Man and the water of Woman; immature extremes of Divine Energy; respecting our innate abilities; fulfilling our love, security and value; being validated Spiritually; logic and intuition; parental shifts; repetitive doing; loving fiercely; and investigating our emotions.

In addition to being the Host of Creatives Chat, Peter is an Artist, Author and Founder of Community Through Unity and Building Brotherhood. For more about Peter: Creatives Chat.

Live By Heart Today is hosted by Dawn Spiegelberg, a Medical Intuitive and Coherence Coach and produced by Retro Earth Studio.

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